The essence of Clare Michael Interiors reflects a deep understanding and knowledge of where the hidden resources can be found. These qualities are what sets Clare’s work apart from the crowd. This is achieved through expert consultation, working drawings that make sense, and attentive project management.

Clare followed a natural interest in kitchens that originated in childhood that began with her parents restaurant business. This interest was further enhanced with living in Berlin and Southeast Asia where she worked as a restaurant manager and trainer. After living abroad for several years, Clare settled in San Francisco to manage restaurants in the financial district and Union Street.

Organizing a kitchen to handle the life of a family or a catering crew is a natural for Clare because she understands how workstations function in a kitchen.  When you hire Clare, you take advantage of her skillset.

Clare Michael Interiors has been featured on the following:

  • WBIG, Chicago
  • WBT Charlotte, NC Morning News 
  • WLM, Cincinnati’s #1 Station
  • WEAA, Baltimore “wealthy lifestyles”
  • WTVN, Columbus, Ohio
  • WGAU, Atlanta with Barbara Dooley, ABC Radio Network
Clare Michael Interiors, Kitchen and Bath Remodel