Bathroom Design Insights

No matter big or small, your bathroom is a sanctuary space and that’s where my imagination goes no matter the condition of the space I’m seeing for the first time.

After I listen to the hate factor, I prompt the client to share the fantasy for the future bathroom. I suggest the general first impression of the new bathroom will be provided with the wall material. Because the tile occupies the most space, it will carry the biggest impact. Careful thought needs to be focused here. Next I look for natural light. It’s such a delightful advantage to have a large skylight. My job is then easy to add layered light at eye level around the mirror. It’s interesting when a couple of radically different heights both use the mirror. I usually split the installation height difference for sconce placement or better still, get a sconce with light streaming from both top and bottom of the fixture. Then both have the light they need.

Designed by @rickyvolnay

I’m happy to see theater light bulbs disappear along with lights above the mirror. Even the most beautiful person looks like they are preparing to haunt houses with lights at that angle. Key to looking beautiful is soft LED (2700K) on a dimmer coming in from both sides above the neck line. Get these two things right and your choices for color and composition triple. You can even get wild and do a totally black powder room with a gold chandelier hanging in the middle of the vanity.

Credit to @cococozy

From a practical point of view, if your GC follows the code for plumbing and electrical, you’ll feel safe and look pretty. Beyond that, I suggest find ONE thing you fall in love with and if your designer is trained in the mechanics of design and has good taste, you’ll have a bathroom that you will enjoy relaxing in and taking a moment to yourself. If you have small children, lock the door and light candles.