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Remodeling is a long game, so you want to work with someone you like and trust. Our team spreads happiness throughout the home with their attitude, you’ll enjoy having them around.


Get what you imagined and have fun during the process. Working from beginning to end with powerful work ethics, it’s always doing the right thing.


Experience and confidence is the foundation to achieving the desired outcome. There’s an intelligence in understanding changes are going to occur, but there’s always solutions.

Clare Michael Interiors, Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Who We Are

Clare Michael Interiors specializes in your personal sense of luxury by using over two decades of experience to create the home you’ve been dreaming of. By being in a constant state of exploration, the company is able to provide each client with an elegant design that will stand the test of time. Clare Michael Interiors envisions the outcome from the beginning and guides the process toward that goal. The team is driven by common values of building lasting relationships, having happy customers and creating beautiful designs.

Drawing from 23 years of design experience, being schooled in construction and living on three continents allows Clare Michael to bring an enriched perspective to the collaborative process of interior design. The payoff of working with her is that she understands what’s between and behind the walls, saving clients thousands of dollars. Growing up in the restaurant business and raising a family of four was a great foundation for helping clients achieve their remodeling goals.

Clare Michael Interiors, Kitchen and Bath Remodel

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